Some day, when I’m awfully low…

I’m pretty sick of my own thoughts at this point. Not in a destructive way, just in the “OH MY GOD WOMAN, NOBODY GIVES TWO CRAPS ABOUT YOUR INSIGHT ON THE FUZZINESS OF YOUR HAND TOWELS” kind of way. (Though seriously, the towels won’t stop shedding. I’ve washed them and everything.) It makes me not want to talk to anyone, because I’m convinced everything I have to say is pointless and annoying. I still venture out and force my bullshit on innocent victims, but most of the time that makes me feel even worse.

So rather than getting into all that and bringin’ this party down, I looked up a song that’s been stuck in my head lately, and found an adorable version of it. I was skeptical at first. Though I love a cappella groups, the chorus guys started out too cheesy and overbearing. But then… the soloist. He made everything better.

Maybe instead of discussing anything that matters in the real world, or driving everyone away with my self-criticism, I’ll just review music videos.


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